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Martial arts help teach you to understand and appreciate what your body can do. They are fantastic exercise and incredible for your wellbeing. 

Women ONLY Brazilian jiu jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teaches how to control a resisting opponent by technique and skill rather than strength.

Women only BJJ is exactly as the name implies – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for ladies only.

This class allows you to focus on techniques that work for you on other Women in a friendly, female led environment.

Whether your focus is competition, fitness or social, our Ladies only class is a great way to try the sport out and build confidence with no pressure (but always the option) of joining the mixed classes as well, though many of the Ladies team do.

With a dedicated Women’s chat, social events and frequent opportunities to train with women all around the country, there is no better time to join the BJJ Women’s community.



What equipment do I need?
For martial arts foundations, you will need clothes with no sharp or hard parts. No-gi grappling clothes or leggings & t-shirt are fine. It’s advisable to bring boxing / MMA gloves also.
Do I need to pre-book?
Yes, at this time due to Covid restrictions, all classes must be pre-booked.

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