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Our YOUTH BJJ classes are a fun way for children to have fun learning a sport, as well as confidence and resilience in a safe environment.

YOUTH Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a fantastic sport for kids to learn. There are a whole host of benefits that children gain from BJJ.

Fitness – BJJ is great exercise  and can significantly improve fitness and physical health. Learning to move flexibly, building strength and gaining endurance all make for healthy children.

Confidence – As children’s knowledge grows and they are able to see their skills in action their confidence will grow. The physical and disciplined nature of the sport helps children to be confident dealing with challenges.

Fun – Our classes are loads of fun! We teach techniques but include loads of games. Your children will form lasting friendships with other students in our academy by training and playing alongside others.

Focus & resilience – It is important in our classes that children listen and are safe so we teach them to listen and follow instructions. With that comes resilience and the ability to keep going through challenges and failures to enable them to go on to succeed.

Self defence – BJJ teaches ways to throw, pin and control another person. These skills can be invaluable as self-defence as can the confidence that training in martial arts can bring.


What equipment will i need?

You will need a BJJ gi (also called a kimono). If you do not have one, you can train initially in a t-shirt and shorts providing there are no zips, buttons or other sharp parts. It is advisable to have a mouth guard.


Yes, at this time due to Covid restrictions, all classes must be pre-booked.


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